Canvas: Plugin Extensibility

The canvas feature is fantastic. It allows for visual thinking and conceptualizing.
I love using it.

Use case or problem

I am missing tools to structure thought, though: different types of arrows, shapes, colors. Essentially, all the beauty of tools such as Miro.

And, yes: I know. Miro took a long time and a lot of developing power to mature to the point where it currently sits and the same goes for diagrams, Excalidraw.

To make one thing absoultely clear: Neither do I wish nor do I expect the Obsidian team to focus on such an extensive concept mapping feature set.

Proposed solution

What I suggest is something else: How about creating an API for canvas that allows for direct integration of existing tools such as diagrams and Excalidraw?

I guess, it would not be possible to integrate more than one solution. But giving users the choice of these two fantastic tools would open up so many new possibilities to the canvas feature.

The best of it all: If the API makes it a prerequisite that the underlying format is SVG, we have ZERO problems with compatibility

All the best and still SO MUCH STRONG LOVE for Obsidian and its great community