Canvas Plugin - Content of file chapter in the cards element

Things I have tried

  • Adding a card to a new canvas in Obsidian
  • Adding a [[File#Header]] Element to the card

I saw in this video: Obsidian Canvas core plugin (new in v1.1.0) - YouTube
that the content of the chapter is displayed in the card.
But not by me. See attached screenshot.

Any hints are appreciated and thank you.

I think the intended way is:

  1. Add a note using “Add note from vault”
  2. Right-click the note and choose “Narrow”
  3. Select the heading you would like to see.

You should now see only the content from the selected heading.

Hello, Theomh!

Just as Craig said:
To do what you want you are up to drag to add note from vault

And after that press right button, then click “Narrow to section…”

Alternatively you can add card


And then write an embed into it in ![[note#header]] fashion

Hope that also helps.

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