Canvas: PDF reader is scaled down by at least 50%

Steps to reproduce

Open new canvas.
Drag and drop a PDF into it.

Expected result

The PDF reader should be the right size like it is if embedded into a note.

Actual result

the PDF reader is scaled down by at least 50%. that assumtion comes from that the text get’s readable if i scale the PDF by 200%


  • Operating system: Windows 10
  • Debug info:
    ||Obsidian version: v1.1.14|
    ||Installer version: v1.1.9|
    ||Operating system: Windows 10 Pro 10.0.19045|
    ||Login status: logged in|
    ||Catalyst license: insider|
    ||Insider build toggle: on|
    ||Live preview: on|
    ||Legacy editor: off|
    ||Base theme: dark|
    ||Community theme: none|
    ||Snippets enabled: 0|
    ||Restricted mode: on|

Additional information

It’s not scaled down. you are too far away from it in the canvas. Make the pdf box larger and/or “zoom in” in the canvas and/or “zoom” the pdf itself.

i thought that too but I’m in a new canvas and can’t zoom in more. that is why i put the card above the pdf.
i have to zoom in completely to make the pdf readable at 100% pdf size and that is further in than i normally are to work on notes.

this image is when i press “zoom to Selection” button of the PDF.

this image is if i go as far in as i can, but the text of the PDF is still far smaller than the text of the cards and it should be the same size because it is if i open the PDF inside the file outside the PDF.

Image on the size inside a Note.

another picture to better visualise what i mean.

this image is how big the text should be, now it is more visible how tiny the PDF readers menu bar is. the zoom level is what you get if you use the “zoom to Selection” on the card above or on the pdf itself.

If you have reached the “zoom in” limit on canvas, you need to make the pdf box bigger.

There are 3 things you can adjust. The Zoom Level of the Canvas, The size of the Pdf Box, The zoom level of the PDF. Play with them.

Sure if i put the pdf at 200% then the text is on the right size(last picture i send) but if i reopen the canvas i have to put it back from 87% to 200% to continue working. I move around the canvas with the focus on section zoom and that zoom level needs the 200% pdf size regardless how big i make the pdf window. It is the pdf reader itself that is down scaled by 50%. That is why the menu bar of the pdf reader is so tiny in the last picture too.
Sure it is not really a bug (as in wrong code) in itself that the scaling is wrong but it is really frustrating to work with bug pdf if inhave to set up the pdf in the canvas everytime i want to work with a pdf.