Canvas: Notes within a card or card within notes view?

It would be very nice to allow a way of putting cards within a note, or the other way round? Then when you drag the outermost box, it allows you to move the inner notes or cards round too.
I have an example use case.
When diagramming a network, it would be nice to have a ‘box’ for a physical server and then maybe notes for each VM running on that server (you could click on these to get more info on the servers).
Furthermore, running containers on those VM would mean they would be 2 levels deep.
Anyway, great work so far!

Yes, you can use groups for this. You can group existing cards, or add cards to an existing group; and then you can move all the cards together by moving the group.

More info here:

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Excellent! Just tested this and it’s great!
Thank you.

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Actually, I am having some trouble linking notes inside a card group.
It may be something that I am doing wrong but it does not allow me to drag a link from one note to another, which is inside a card, within a group?

I’m not able to reproduce your problem. Here’s what I did:

  • Create two cards.
  • Select both cards, right-click and use menu to create a group.
  • Hover the mouse over the bottom edge of Card 1, showing a purple dot.
  • Click the purple dot and drag it to the left edge of Card 2, showing another purple dot.
  • Let go of the mouse button. An arrow now connects Card 1 and Card 2.

Am I doing something different than you?

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Ahh sorry, yes that works.
However if you create a large card and then add a couple of notes, it’s not possible to link them. This may be intended behaviour of course?

Hmm, I’m having trouble understanding what you’re trying to do. Maybe you could provide a screenshot of your situation?

I was trying to link 2 notes which I had placed on top of a card, I think what it does is link kinda round the back of the card. Anyway it’s not a deal breaker as I can use the group feature. However I was trying to be clever and use the cards as separate entities within the group.

I assume you cant stack groups inside each other?

Oh, I think I get it now.

I believe cards always render on top of links, so you probably did link the cards but you can’t see it because the big card is covering it up.

Yes, you can stack groups inside each other. Dragging the outermost group will also move the group inside it.


Please search before making new feature requests. If you’re unsure, just post a question in help. Thanks!

Excellent, thanks for your help. That should suffice.

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