Canvas Notes with Double Colons in Parens - What is this?

While I was building a canvas diagram today - I placed the following in a Note:

ChildClass (Model :: ParentClass)

And … the ParentClass text renders in a special way. It got me really excited thinking that there way may be a way to apply metadata and modeling properties to attributes within a Canvas. Looked through docs to try to figure out why that syntax is being treated specially … but didn’t find anything.

I think … this is some kind of Markdown syntax I’m unfamiliar with. Trying to look it up - I found leaf block directives and some other items, but nothing I was sure about.

Anyone know what this is?


Looks like it’s from Dataview - in a note anyway. Inline field highlighting? If I turn off Dataview and restart, the transformation goes away.

Markdown Page

Basic Field:: Value
Bold Field:: Nice!
You can also write [field:: inline fields]; multiple [field2:: on the same line].
If you want to hide the (field3:: key), you can do that too.

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