Canvas Node set specific size

Use case or problem

The problem is I have OCD and it is tricky to keep nodes a similar width, height or both. If two nodes are side by side and you wish to resize a node below one of them to match the one above when you drag the side of the note to snap to the above nodes’ side it can snap to multiple places between the edges of the two nodes that are side by side.

Proposed solution

Similar to setting a nodes colour a simple interface to set width and height would be ideal. An advanced solution would be allowing you to copy/paste these dimensions to another node.

Current workaround (optional)

If using a card copy the original card you want and write the new one. For anything else the process involves moving the nodes apart to properly snap.

Related feature requests (optional)

Could be related to the set a default size here. Canvas: set a default size of a new card