Canvas: Make links to canvas appear in backlinks and graph view

Use case or problem

I really like the new Canvas Note feature; however, I did notice the Canvas note doesn’t appear in Graph View. Also, I can’t link to the Canvas note from a regular note (using [[]]). Maybe this feature is still in the works. I definitely see myself using the Canvas note feature a lot, and it would be a shame not to be able to link those regular notes to Canvas notes, and see those relationships within the Graph View.

Proposed solution

Allow Canvas notes to appear in the Graph View, and create backlinks to Canvas notes.


Great idea, also it would be great of having a multiple notes on canvas screen and link them with canvas connector tool which than links the backend and will be visible in the graph view

Maybe the canvas json data is serialisable to .md similar to how the mindmap plugin does it–making it trivial to have it link to other notes (if the data can be serialised at all).

This works already

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Let’s add tags to internal links in this FR. Right now the tags entered in canvas cards does not display in Tags pane.


In addition to displaying tags in canvas cards, please make it possible to add a tag for the entire canvas?

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