[ Canvas Improvement ] pen input support for creating connections

Use case or problem

Using pen inputs for creating new connections is not working now but i believe there is pretty nifty way to fix that, and it will also contribute to much more seemless experience of using canvas

Proposed solution

create new connection just by clicking and dragging from any card.
if we want to move current card around, add a handle on the card.
eg. mindmapple pen version from windows store.

Alternate solution

add pen support for creating connections from connection points, currently nothing works

Current workaround (optional)

there is no current work around if we are to use pen inputs, only mouse inputs works now

Related feature requests (optional)


Can you give a bit more information, please? What kind of pen? What hardware?

For example, Wacom pens work just fine in Mac and Windows.

In Windows, sometimes you have to fiddle with settings like “Windows Ink” to make the stylus work, and not trigger some kind of writing mode. More info is required from you to see if this is something the developers need to support, or if you just need troubleshooting assistance with your settings.

Wacom pens works fine on obsidian ( including excalidraw ) on everything else except creating a connecting node in canvas.

I primarily use a Wacom, and I’ve tested it in both Windows and MacOS. It works fine. Including making node connections in Canvas.

I suspect this is some kind of settings problem on your computer. For example - like I said - with “Windows Ink” I would sometimes have to turn off those features to be able to make the Wacom work properly in 3D graphics apps.

what i mean is node connection can be made without the need of left button click.
try mindmapple pen in windows app store.

I’m moving this to Help. I suggest you show a screenshare of what you’re talking about. Demonstrate what isn’t working. Explain the pen and hardware you’re having trouble with. And possibly screenshare that other app your mentioning.

If you can demonstrate a bug or a missing feature, it can be moved back.

Here is way to replicate the problem i was talking about.

click ctrl + shift + I

then toggle ON tablet mode

now try to make use the canvas

my device is surface pro 2
with its pen
no keyboard connected.

any way ! i believe this will have to be sorted when the obsidian mobile version to be updated. cheers :relaxed:

Any progress? I’m having this issue as well. Seems like touch support on Windows tablets is pretty poor. I can create canvas items. But moving them around is very finicky. No resizing and no connections…

in surface pro 9, can’t use the pen to drag and drop notes on canvas. It doesn’t show the hand cursor because it is in tablet mode without mouse. Perhaps adding a handle anywhere on the card or the popup that appears by clicking a card to move it.

So, I use a Wacom Intuous Pro on my 2019 MBP and I’m having the same issues. The pen works absolutely fine in all applications, including Obsidian, but NOT when using the Canvas. I can create nodes just fine, but I cannot move them around. In fact, I have noticed the following behaviours:

  1. Create Canvas
  2. Add nodes. These can be moved around fine
  3. Go to another document, then back to the Canvas. Nodes cannot be moved.

However, if you were to group nodes together and drag them by putting your mouse in any of the space created by the group (but not within a node itself), then the group can be dragged around fine.

Can you replicate this?

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