Canvas: immediately highlight everything found by search, without Alt + Enter

Use case or problem

Need to press Alt + Enter to display all search results

Proposed solution

Option in the settings: immediately show all search results


It might be helpful to further explain the exact situation where one might have to use Alt Enter. I assume you are referring to expanding the search selected canvas search result item to have all matches within the canvas highlighted, but I am unsure and cannot test on the desktop version at the moment. I have to imagine this is a helpful feature request, if things currently work the way I think.

The truth is, I haven’t used search a whole lot for canvases, as of yet. And I have to imagine I’m not the only one. This isn’t to say that I am not assuming it will work when I need it and find the functionality to be very important. For the sake of your feature request, and people like me, maybe you could demonstrate this with a more detailed description, possibly with a screenshot or two.


While searching in card, via ctr+f, only the first search result is highlighted. To highlight the rest of the results you need to press Alt+Enter. It does not make sense. Why not highlight everything at once by one color, and after pressing F3 switch search focus by different color, for example green.