Canvas: Images as Links

It would be extremely useful if I could set a target, making an image into a link on the canvas. Clicking the image would then navigate to that target URI / page / canvas.

Linking your thinking is the core idea of obsidian. Canvas make images much more fun to work with, as you can arrange them spatially. If I could arrange images spatially, and set them as links (i.e., I would link them to other canvases), I could create a very visually appealing navigation system for complex hierarchies of data.


I haven’t tried canvas as yet, but doesn’t it use regular Markdown?

[![Triangle of Sadness|200](](   

Triangle of Sadness|200


Good call! Yup, works in a text card. Has the link icon and needs a double click, but it’s workable for now. Over time, I’m sure the formatting and how to do it will get easier (probably sooner than later with the pace of things).

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Nice!! Thanks for the info.

That is a workaround for now I guess… but it would still be very nice if image media embedded objects could have a link target property.

Dealing with a separate card for each image is a bit clunky.

I just want to link to other canvas files inside the vault. I know I can embed the canvases, but the rendered mini-map style preview of the canvas is far less useful (and emotionally salient) than an image representing the canvas. So I’d rather just throw an image on the canvas, and link that to the other canvas.

The only minor gripe I have with image linking is the way canvas renders it Inside a group
You always get a background around the image.

So for example if you want a plane image, and a clickable image next to each other inside a group it will look …off