Canvas graphics performance improvements

Use case or problem

I’m currently using a MacBook Pro with M1 Pro equipped with the 120Hz internal display, I find that Obsidian’s canvas might not be able to reach 120 frames/second refresh rate while I pan/zoom in canvas.

Also, it seems that under 1.1.15, the refresh rate can never go up to 120 frames per second in a particular file of mine, but in 1.1.9, the refresh rate can go up 120 when I zoom out to a certain level in that file.

From my observation in macOS’s Activity Monitor, when I zoom/pan in canvas, the GPU usage goes up to nearly 100%.

Proposed solution

I think it would be nice if the graphics performance on canvas could be optimized to bring a good experience to those who uses high refresh rate screens. Thanks

P.S. Sorry for not providing the original canvas file, as it contains some private information.

  • There is no links/pictures/notes in the canvas that I have problem with
  • There are 43 cards in total, nothing else (canvas serves as a mind map for me)
  • Each card has customized color and is linked to at least one other card, and most cards have two connections
  • 4 custom colors are used for the cards