Canvas file / link Preview

Use case or problem

  1. Canvas file cannot be previewed by hovering over

  1. A link to Canvas inside a note cannot be previewed

Proposed solution

Preview will give a content to everything inside a canvas and the ability to zoom in via Preview window.


Good idea! I think this would really be helpful to be able to effectively compartmentalize canvases. One issue I have is that I build large canvases that I would like to offload components of to other canvases. One problem comes from the notes not showing when zoomed out. Also, while the rendered image of the embedded canvas structure can be useful for identification, it doesn’t let you refer to nodes like you mentioned.

One alternate solution I had was letting these embedded (not preview) canvases actually be full versions of the canvas, allowing zooming. Like perhaps when an embedded canvas within a canvas was selected, the view would allow you to zoom in past the normal limits until the embedded canvas portal matches the size of the actual canvas view. At this point, zooming (and panning) could happen within the embedded canvas. When you would zoom back out the embedded canvas would return to a basic render as it exists. I did see that this image should be improved a bit in v1.1.6 which is nice. If I create a feature request I will link here as a related request.

Anyways, in the end I think what you are suggesting is a more reasonable implementation, but I think it would be important that the preview be rather large. Another workaround solution might be this if it were implemented: Ability to collapse/expand Canvas groups


A wireframe preview was implemented in 1.1.5/1.1.6