Canvas - Extract selected cards or groups to a new canvas

Use case or problem

When a canvas grows beyond a specific size, it makes sense to convert groups or a selection of cards into a new canvas and link this new canvas to its parent.

Proposed solution

When we select cards or groups, the right-click context menu will show a new option called **Convert to new canvas** or **Extract to new canvas**. Upon selecting that option, all the selected cards and groups will be moved to a new canvas, and the selection will be replaced with a link to this newly created canvas.

Current workaround (optional)

AFAIK, we currently have to manually create a new canvas, move the required groups/cards to this new canvas (cut-paste) and manually create a link to this new canvas in the initial/parent canvas.

Related feature requests (optional)


That would be a great additional feature.
Instead of extracting a group of cards to a new canvas it would also be great to turn them into a note.
Example: You have three cards:
Card 1: “Sun is up”
Card 2: “No clouds”
Card 1 and card 2 link to card 3.
Card 3: “Warm and dry weather.”

The suggested option would move the text of these cards into a new note.
It would also replace the three cards with the new note on the canvas.

Upvote for this request - My canvases can get pretty sprawling and it is sometimes difficult to move content from an original canvas to a new canvas.

Would be great if the suggested option to convert to new canvas or extract to new canvas could also be added as a right click option for Groups as well. Similar to how we can transclude notes.