Canvas: Export Canvas as Image File

Already in a short period of time, canvases have proven themselves to be incredibly useful tools for a number of different purposes. What I would love to see implemented is the ability to export a canvas to some kind of image file that, when opened, would be able to display the whole of the exported canvas.

Such a feature would allow one’s canvases to be shared with others in a way that represents a kind of “result”, similar to the way in which one can export a note in Obsidian to a PDF.

At the moment, one has the option to copy screenshots of canvases, but the contents of said screenshots are (understandably) limited exclusively to that which is visible in the canvas window itself (regardless of whether the overall content of the canvas extends beyond what is shown in the window). Naturally, one could simply share a .canvas file with someone else, but this workaround likely presupposes that the recipient is using Obsidian – and, it does give the recipient the option to easily make further edits to the .canvas file (which may not be desirable).

I’m not entirely sure which kind of image file/s would be ideal – but preferably something that (1) doesn’t require special software to open/preview and (2) could handle large-scale content to be zoomed in and out of. One could perhaps imagine it as a “screenshot” of all the content that is present in a canvas file as well as the way in which it is being displayed in its canvas window in Obsidian at the time of taking the screenshot.

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that would really be great - an export to PDF or other vector based image would be preferred
i love the canvas and there are already so many usecases/files in my vault just after two days …

Something more detailed will be added 1.1.6


export as PNG is a great improvement - thanks for that!

two followup questions:

  • will there be svg/html/pdf or other options to share a canvas with people not using obsidian in the future?
  • will .canvas be something that will be as readable from outside obsidian as .md is ?

You can open a FR for the first.
.canvas is a JSON file with a public spec.

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