Canvas — Drawing and Pencil or Pen support

I think it’s time to close this feature request based on the Obsidian team’s responses as of late, such as this one

I’m certain the Obsidian team will not be implementing pen support for Obsidian. This is and will remain a plaintext note-taking app meant for programmers.

For those who are interested in an app that supports plain-text and drawing support, I would look at AFFiNE. They’re also open-source, unlike Obsidian.

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That message is over a year old.
Generally, We don’t comment on what will or will not be implemented and when.

The only exception is the roadmap which contains a broad list of major new features to be implemented in the short or medium term.

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I wouldn’t hold my breath for this being implemented, IMO. I’d look at AFFiNE if I were you. I’ve started looking at it and experimenting with it a little and I’m definitely going to make the switch from Obsidian after I finish my degree. Their whiteboard feature is better than Obsidian’s and you can easily switch from document-view to whiteboard/canvas-view without having to create a new canvas (you can be writing something in document-view and then switch to whiteboard-view right away). Also, they’re open-source (Obsidian is not) which is great and there’s no learning curve with the tool, you can use it right out-of-the-box, you don’t need to install a plugin for accomplishing “this” or “that.” Also, you can export your notes to Markdown and you can use the tool locally. They’re also very, very responsive to questions from their users (just check out their discord server). Anyways, if drawing support is very important to your workflow, I would look at AFFiNE which is what I’ve started to do.