Canvas — Drawing and Pencil or Pen support

Try the new version of the excalidraw plugin :smiley:

+1 I would like this too, I like using my stylus in Apple Notes and would like to do the same in Obsidian, keeping both the handwritten text and have it be OCR’d on the backend for search and indexing : )

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Unfortunately excalidraw isn’t designed for stylus’s, so there’s a noticeable lag. I’ve tried excalidraw, but it’s just not good for handwritten notes

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The settings of the brush can be adjusted through the excalidraw script pencil, and the delay will be significantly reduced after adjustment.

I really love the functionality on the Canvas in Obsidian. As some of the members have mentioned, it has its own unique notion and function, and does a great job of it.

The uniqueness in Obsidian is that it is able to bring about this great functionality across many devices (Mac/Desktop, iPad, iPhone etc) in the same unique way.

Canvas is a place where either we see the deck of notes at a 10,000 feet up, or just do a mind-dump for our next project (and a thousand other more!). And this high creativity zone, seen in the iPad experience (No keyboard on the train, just your Pencil, for instance), naturally tend to think, what if I could just draw arrows/lines, scribble a bit, write on my hand-writing etc. So that I could later organise or perhaps even (if your writing/scribbling is beautiful that is), make it to a presentation itself, for a cozy team-discussion!

So I believe, having the iPad Obsidian app Canvas writing/drawing functionality, with its bare-bone simplicity (perhaps scribble into its own objects, that later can be deleted, changed color in the Mac) would be a rather useful functionality.

The magic lives in how the simplicity is still maintained giving the fundamental iPad/Tablet experience via the great Obsidian Canvas!!

So I give this feature an enormous thumbs up!


The high demand to draw in Obsidian is actually visible, if we consider the ridiculous high download rate of Excalidraw. This is awesome!

I think the ability to draw inside Obsidian canvas would be useful for people transiting from analog to digital or for users who use both traditional and digital tools.

I would love to draw in Obsidian too, but not only to connect graph elements, but for quick sketches.


I hadn’t even considered this functionality being vector and within the free range of the canvas. I love it!

At the same time, I believe that some basic raster sketching abilities within canvas nodes would be quite useful and perhaps less involved to implement. Of course, neither excludes the other.


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Also, i see in canvas much more potential - it shouldn’t be a file, but a hub where users are able to manage their vault, similar as in a node editor. This way, mindmaps in Obsidian would get yet another depth! But i digress…

Talking about drawing, I was thinking more about bitmap than vector drawings, to keep it simpler for a first implementation.

(I brought up Excalidraw, because conceptually we were talking about drawing and how dramatic the demand for similar features is)

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@Jopp Nice! I agree. In terms of your mention of canvas as a node editor, check out this request: True link mode in Canvas to actually link notes, headings, etc…


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Bitmap (anything raster graphics, for that matter) might be tricky to edit. A vector, specifically SVG is at a whole another level, allows editing, smooth resizing etc.

I’d love the ability draw lines between reference images and concept art when planning a 3d project. I usually do this in photoshop and then bring it into pureref.

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This wohld be cool i could see using it with my phone vault

+1. Please do consider this feature.