Canvas: Drag content out of note to make a new note that links back to the original (like HEPTA)

Use case or problem

I use the canvas to split long-form literature notes and split it into smaller notes, synthesise and sense make them before recombining them or adding them to other atomic notes. I’d like to be able to split and combine notes in canvas more easily

Proposed solution

When highlighting and dragging text from a note onto the canvas it could create a new note and automatically link to the note it was pulled from (like Hepta does)

It would also be useful to combine notes by dragging one into another.

Current workaround (optional)

Copy and paste and manually add links to new notes

Related feature requests (optional)


It’s not a solution, but it’s worth noting the “Narrow” functionality to create an editable heading element in the canvas simply by dragging out a link from a note and choosing an item to narrow down to.