Canvas development has stopped?

Canvas feature was presented in January and almost 5 months have passed. And we still dont have basic funtionality:

  • frontmatter or dataview plugin support
  • we still dont have "Appear in canvas” property for notes to see which canvas a note appears in
  • tag support (right now tags from canvas not showing up in all Tags panel)
  • any shapes except rectangle
  • etc (types of arrows, pen support, filtering although there is nice “canvas filter” community plugin and many many more…)

And there is nothing about Canvas on Obisidian Roadmap:

My question is will Canvas become First class citizen? Is there any Plans?
I am just frustrated, because it does not make sence for me to continue with Obsidian (without evolution of Canvas)… We have alternatives like Logseq (whiteboard feature), Heptabase (totally whiteboard), Milanote, Scrintal…


afaics from the discord, the logseq whiteboard still has glitches;
Heptabase is better for some workflows, but worse for others;
Scrintal still early and developing.

I use Heptabase and Canvas. Don’t use Scrintal atm. Haven’t tried Milanote.
Hepta, Scrintal and Milanote all have a significant cost (Milanote free tier is very limited).

I’d like Canvas to be significantly developed (it’s my main Obsidian use now), but what we have now is functional albeit lacking a number of desirable features. From my experience, if you have a workflow ideally suited by the design of one of the other programs, then you ought to use that - it’s more a question of design and vision than features. But Canvas (with Obsidian) is a better general purpose program even without extra features.


I strongly discourage this kind of fearmongering. Five months is a short time in development, especially for small teams.

Instead of posting vague worries, please be specific and constructive by posting/upvoting/supporting feature requests.