Canvas: Default to non-directional lines

What I’m trying to do

When click dragging from a node, I would like the line to default to something besides an arrow to the new node. Such as dragging and creating a new node and the line defaults to non-directional. Perhaps I am missing a setting somewhere?

Things I have tried

I have tried click and dragging a new line+node while holding different modifier keys like Alt, Control, and Shift. If this isn’t a feature all ready, I will switch this over to Requested Features. Am I missing anything?


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I came here searching for a way to do just that, as there’s nothing in the Canvas settings allowing you to specify a default. I absolutely love Canvas, but most of the time I don’t want arrows in my lines and it’s tedious changing every single line.

I just saw that it’s been asked about before. It seems it’s not possible to do yet based on there not being a response, but knowing how amazing the developers are I suspect it will be added in time.

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