Canvas - create a canvas from a link

Currently the only way to create a canvas is through the command palette. It would be great to have an ability to create a canvas from a link to “filename.canvas” types of files.


In the root folder, a canvas can also be created by clicking on the plugin icon and using the configured hotkeys
If you want to create a canvas in a folder other than the root folder, RMB by folder → New canvas

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Thanks for explaining, didn’t notice that

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Yeah; clicking a link to a non-existing canvas should create it. That currently doesn’t work.

to add up to this: if I create a link of the form [[coolNote.canvas]] in some note, that does not currently automatically create a canvas when I alt-enter on it.

But even more confusingly, it does create a new note with name coolNote.canvas, which will then proceed to be indistinguishable from the ctrl-O opener from an actual canvas with name coolNote. That’s because both files and canvases coolNotes.canvas are not distinguished from within the app. This makes it very odd because you just have to use trial and error to figure out which one is the actual canvas and which one the note erroneously created.

Note a giant problem given that one probably doesn’t want files with names X.canvas anyway, but still annoying when it happens.

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