Canvas: correct focus to search results in large cards

Use case or problem

Two cards, first contain text “111”. The second - a lot of text and numbers “333”.

First problem:

Maximum camera zoom. Searching for 111, click on result. Instead of focus to text “111” occur focus to the card.
But I don’t need a card, I want to see text “111”. And I can see it only if reduce zoom to lesser level and again click on search result.
For 4th zoom level:

Second problem:

  1. When I click on a search result, I want to see a line of text with “333”.
    I click on the result, but for some reason I always see only card, not the text.
  2. If click at minimum zoom distance, focus occurs at 5/8 zoom level.
    If click at maximum zoom distance, focus remains at maximum 8/8 zoom level.
  3. To see where exactly the text “333” I should either use card search:

    Or maximize “Zoom threshold for hiding card content”.
  4. Why I can’t click on the result of search and, with any card size and any zoom level, see searched text with comfortable 3-4th level of zoom? Or set it up in settings?