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Hi guys. I’ve been toying with canvas for the past month, and it really improved my processing algorithms. Before Canvas I didn’t have any space to visually arrange notes, I wrote a big draft note with various points and linked everything inside the note, but rubbish ideas, that hasn’t been properly formulated didn’t have place and stayed for a long time in the backlog, as a highlight in the book, as a handwritten point on a piece of paper, now they are cards, that gain after each contact with me.

I have multiple projects going simultaneously: book writing (in the form of digital gardening), compiling of syllabuses for school and university, some ongoing academic work, such as arranging and decomposing articles and books, consultations, private tutoring and mentoring, etc.

So it all got me thinking, what if there is a better way to use canvas, is there any showcases available on the Net, articles, frameworks, etc.

In what way do you use canvas, how it has changed or still changing your work with information, knowledge management? Share some pictures please and your ideas!

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