Canvas: Arrows of rectangular shape

Use case or problem

I have a huge problem with a current shape of the arrows using Canvas plugin - I can’t connect nodes the way I want. For example:
You can see this ugly bended arrow from Card D to the Card C, and also the arrow from A to B is also very weird.

Proposed solution

Just add ability to use rectangular arrows instead of curve ones. Here is how it looks in Miro with rectangular arrows:

To save data about how exactly and where these arrows been rotated you can store coordinates of corners where these arrows been rotated for 90 degrees. Like this:

edges: [{“id”:“…”,“fromNode”:“…”,“fromSide”:“bottom”,“toNode”:“…”,“toSide”:“top”, corners: [{x: …, y: …, z: …, }, { … }],]


More options and ways to display things is always nice. All for this suggestion.


I like this shape of arrows better, it looks less chaotic than the current ones. And the slight rounding makes their design more modern and pleasing to the eye. +1 for this Feature Request.

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+1 for this.

Bump, +1

bump. PLEASE can we fix the godforsaken arrows, obsidian? Canvas is so close to greatness, messy arrows that you have little control over are like the one think holding it back.