Canvas: Arrows of rectangular shape

Use case or problem

I have a huge problem with a current shape of the arrows using Canvas plugin - I can’t connect nodes the way I want. For example:
You can see this ugly bended arrow from Card D to the Card C, and also the arrow from A to B is also very weird.

Proposed solution

Just add ability to use rectangular arrows instead of curve ones. Here is how it looks in Miro with rectangular arrows:

To save data about how exactly and where these arrows been rotated you can store coordinates of corners where these arrows been rotated for 90 degrees. Like this:

edges: [{“id”:“…”,“fromNode”:“…”,“fromSide”:“bottom”,“toNode”:“…”,“toSide”:“top”, corners: [{x: …, y: …, z: …, }, { … }],]


More options and ways to display things is always nice. All for this suggestion.


I like this shape of arrows better, it looks less chaotic than the current ones. And the slight rounding makes their design more modern and pleasing to the eye. +1 for this Feature Request.


+1 for this.

Bump, +1

bump. PLEASE can we fix the godforsaken arrows, obsidian? Canvas is so close to greatness, messy arrows that you have little control over are like the one think holding it back.


This feature would be awesome. Especially when there is a collision avoidance with other objects involved.


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Oh please fix this. Arrows crossing each other is rather confusing and unnecessary.



Yes, current display sometimes have poor visual readability. +1 for this

I’m also struggling with the current line shapes and would also prefer having the option to change them to rectangular.

I just came across drawDB now, and I really like how the connections there are implemented as rectangular rather than rounded/organic shapes.

drawDB has a live demo where you can “play” with it yourself and see how it looks and feels.

Like it a lot.