Canvas: Any image "quick look" functionality?

I’m trying out using Obsidian Canvas to get an overview of lots of inspiration images for my project. Arranging images is nice, but when I want to see an image in full detail to be able to see all details, I’m lacking a quick way to do that.

macOS has functionality called Quick Look: For a given file in a folder (like an image) just select it and press space to preview it in an temporary window that’s filling most of the screen. Then press space again (or esc) to close it. This is SUPER quick and I use it all the time.

When I see an image in Canvas, even if I zoom fully in, it only fills a fraction of my screen. I could size them larger, but that would miss the point, and I prefer to keep images at the default size they get when dragged in to easily keep things consistent.

I can right click and choose “Open in new window”. But right clicking and choosing the right menu option is much slower than just pressing space. Plus, clicking the close button of the window to close it again is also much slower. This adds friction that makes it not really useful for quickly looking at lots of different images after each other.

I’ve searched of course, but the docs, these forums, Google, and the plugins, but couldn’t see anything that sounded like what I’m after, which is why I’m asking here. Is there anything in Obsidian that will do what I’m looking for?


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