Canvas - an upgrade to everything beyond notes & cards

I love using canvas, but - like quite a few users I feel - surely it is now time to provide just a little bit more support for those of us who are keen to improve the visual aspect of what they build?

In a vague order of priority, my top 5 would be as follows:

  • option for dotted & dashed lines
  • option for different line thicknesses
  • options for shapes (with/without text)
  • options for free form text
  • options for items to be in front/behind

I realise that some of this may well fly in the face of Obsidian’s pure markdown philosophy etc., but isn’t canvas a departure from that already?

ps. apologies if this is already a feature request somewhere, but I promise - I did look high & low for one without luck!

One thread per request and search before posting.