Canvas - allow embedding youtube shorts, and correct aspect ratio of portrait videos

Use case or problem

  1. Dragging a youtube URL into the canvas seems to default to a wide aspect ratio, regardless if the video is in portrait format (e.g. Vertical Display 4K Underwater Stock Footage Demo Reel 2160 x 4096, 60p - YouTube)


  1. Shorts aren’t supported (e.g. OCTUPOS #shorts #satisfying #undersea #octupos - YouTube) and result in a play button which gives an error

Proposed solution

  1. The embedded video should autosize to it’s correct aspect ratio when added to the canvas

  2. Shorts should be embedable, and also have the portrait aspect ratio.

Current workaround (optional)

  1. It can be manually resized to eliminate the black bars

  2. Right clicking and selecting “Reload page” gets you the short, but it’s not properly embedded. Re-opening the canvas requires repeating this process.