Canvas: Add option to use scrollwheel for Zooming In/Out

Use case or problem

While the scrollwheel is often used to scroll a document up and down I personally find it more natural to use it for zoom when it comes to more visual media. I often find myself rolling the wheel to get closer only to have the thing I want to see go out of view.

An option to swap the functionalities would be great and would allow everyone pick their preferred style.


Make it at least optional, so you can change it in the settings.

The problem is that it’s so uncomfortable to quickly navigate the canvas with just the mouse, I have to use the keyboard. If the scaling will be on the mouse wheel without pressing the additional keys, navigation will be faster and more convenient.

Also, this control creates a conflict with the graph, because there the navigation is different.


I totaly agree. I think it should even be standard for canvas to zoom with the mouse wheel since it makes navigating the 2d area a lot more easy. I use a lot of nodebased software on a daily base and they all use the mousewheel to zoom.

Here are a few examples:

  • Unreal Engine
  • Houdini
  • Blender
  • Adobe Designer
  • PureRef
  • Miro
  • Yed

And for the few that might find the vertical scrolling usefull this then could be hidden behind the +CTRL.


Would be amazing. Often while thinking I would like to navigate the canvas just with the mouse. Of the 5 mouse inputs 1 is used for selecting, 4 for panning and none for zooming. Not a very good use of its capabilities.
(1. Scrollwheel Up
2. Scrollwheel Down
3. Middle Mouse Button
4. Right Mouse Button) → Are all used for panning


Creating a new account just to +1 this. As a new user, this is the one usability issue that annoys me the most. It is the one big but I’ll have to add anytime I want to recommend obsidian

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+1, very useful

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I’d also like to request this feature!

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+1, This feature will be extreamly helpful for canvas navigation.

this was implemented in 1.1.11+.

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