Can't view valid iframes

Steps to reproduce

Create and publish a public form and/or document
Copy the embed code from Coda
Paste into an Obsidian md file (in an unadulterated vault using version v0.10.13- no custom css or plugins)
Preview note

Expected result

I expect to see a note with the Coda form in an iFrame

Actual result

I see an empty iFrame


  • Operating system: MacOS Catalina v 10.15.7
  • Obsidian version: v.0.10.13

Additional information

The test Coda form does appear in a Chrome Incognito window so I don’t believe it is an authentication issue.


Can you post an example of embed code?

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Here… I can’t keep this live for long because it’s a form. But I’ll edit this note when I turn it off.

UPDATE: Removed…

Here’s a document (as opposed to a form, as in the above example)…

<iframe src="" width=900 height=500 style="max-width: 100%;" allow="fullscreen"></iframe>

Thank you, I don’t think I need it. I can’t even embed their homepage I believe they only allow requests from known web browsers.

For the sake of my sanity :slight_smile: does this mean that even though v0.10.10’s update log reads:

You can now use <iframe> to embed sites that previously wouldn’t show. This is done by ignoring the X-Frame-Options that some websites use to prevent embedding.

… this still won’t work for Coda docs? I don’t mean to be obtuse, just need the clarity so I can move on and begin the grieving process.

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Yes, I believe this is beyond iframe blocking. I don’t think they block iframes, I think they only allow requests from known web browsers. You can ask them for more clarifications.

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Thanks so much for your willingness to help troubleshoot that. I’ll start grieving after I reach out to Coda’s support team and report back.

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will be fixed 0.11.1