Can't type a capital 'E' letter in obsidian

Hey all,

I have no idea why, but somehow, I caannot type a capital ‘e’ character. It works well in every other program: EEEEEEEEEEEE.

Has anyone an idea, what the problem may be?

Thanks in advance,

Please don’t make bug reports unless you are going to follow the template provided. I’ve moved this to Help.

You need to give more info if you want help.

Run the command “Show Debug info” in Obsidian and paste it here.

And check your hotkeys. You maybe mapped Shift-E to a command.

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To aid you in checking your hotkeys, I would like you to take a look at the following dataview query:

It’ll show you which keys are mapped, and it’s not unlikely, @PastaBoy, that you’ll find you’ve added the Shift + E in that list. If so, go to Settings > Hotkeys, and search for the corresponding command from the list, and hit the “small x” icon next to the key to get rid of it, and possibly assign another after hitting the plus icon.


I’ve made a feature request to prevent setting hotkeys that use Shift as their only modifier:


Thank you, excuse me

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