Can't sync vault not listed

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My vault is not listed among vaults to sync

The vault that I want to sync is in the same folder with the old vault

What I’m trying to do

Trying to sync my vault but it is not listed among my choices for syncing.

Tbe old vault is Obsid4 and the new vault is work 2024. Only the old vault shows up. I want to sync the new vault Work 2024

I am only looking at the manual on syncing vaults. I have a new sync subscription with Obsidian and I want to sync Obsidian across my vaults.

Things I have tried

The directions for syncing are not possible to follow because that vault that I want to sync is not listed. I cannot choose it.

I tried restarting my computer. Does not help.

In your screenshot it says you’ve reached the maximum number of remote vaults for your Sync plan.

You are right. How can I get Obsidian to recognize my new vault?

I can see the hidden files. (Command shift Period) My new vault is not in my documents file because I thought there was some problem with being in iCloud. It needs to be in my documents folder which will automatically sync with iCloud. I want to use Obsidian sync. In the screenshot below, the old vaults are the only vaults set of syncing. I tried to make a new vault, but that did not help at all. I trashed it, but it still appears in the screenshot below.

How do I get rid of them? How do I get my new vault synced?

Did you switch Sync plans? I’m guessing you are on the “Sync Standard” plan? Only one remote vault is allowed; I’m not sure how you ended up with two there.

You remove any remote vault(s) with the trash can icon in your first screenshot. That screen is under Settings > Core plugins > Sync → Manage.

Thank you. Problem solved.

Comment on the manual:
I am trying to solve this problem in the wrong place in the app. For visual people, in the manual, it would be so helpful if they showed a picture of where the action is taking place. My description is poor and I should also have shown you where I was starting. Then, you would have quickly seen that I was in the wrong place.

Again, that you for directing me to the right place to work on the problem.