Can't see icons on context menu

I’ve been following several tutorials on youtube or other media platforms and in each one of them I can see icons next to the items of the contexts menus.

But in my Obsidian they are not visible. So I assumed it’s caused by some options or plugins I’ve installed along the way.
Since I couldn’t find what’s causing this I’ve created a new empty vault with no plugins and also in this case I’m not able to see any icon associated with the context menus.

This is an example of menu from a video tutorial

And this is an example of context menu from my new clean vault

As you can see there are no icons.

So maybe this was removed from recent versions of Obsidian ?
I’m currently on 1.5.8 on MacOs

After 2 hours looking for this of course I’ve found the reason 5 seconds after posting my questions, of course! :rofl:

This seems caused by the option under Appearance/Native Menu.
If this is enabled then I can’t see the icons, :man_shrugging: ok

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