Can't search the words with the Highlight or bold?

Steps to reproduce

(1) I want to highlight the word, so I marked the word with the " == ==".
e.g. yellow,==green==,white

(2) When I use the search function to search that original sentence " yellow,green,white" , but can’t be found because the “====” is marked

Expected result

I hope even if I highlight or bold the word, I can also search the original sentence.
Because if I highlight the word, there will shows the == == in the sentence, that may cause the search function can’t search the original sentence.


windows 10
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We made some changes recently. Can you let me know if you still have this bug with 0.9.15 when you get it?

But now I just can download the version 0.9.11, could you please tell me when will release the version 0.9.15? Thank you.

Not sure. Just when it will be released to the public, you will get it automatically.

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Thank you.

Ok, I tested in 0.9.15 we made some improvements.
It’s not quite what you want, that is, a serch function that is aware of the markdown syntax. But you can get your results using properly the current search syntax.

searching for: yellow green white will get your results, even if some words are highlighted.
searching for "yellow, green, white" (that is, using whole word won’t work).

You can read about the search possibilities here:

in the edit mode, write the following:

And then in the preview mode, can the search condition:
give a match?

Thanks for the versIon 0.9.15.

But it still can’t work for the “yellow, green, white”.

In the edit mode, I must to mark ==== to mark the word. “a,==b==,c”
But in the preview mode, I will see “a,b,c”.

I hope the search function can match what “preview mode” shows, not edit mode shows. Because edit mode is just for editing, what we will see is the preview mode.

If this can work, it will be more convenient and helps a lot.

Thank you very much.

there is a difference between seaching "a b" and a b
Check out the docs.

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After checking out the docs, still can’t work by searching the whole original sentence.

For another example, if I search the Chinese sentence: 這是黃色的筆。(English: This is a yellow pen.)

If I mark the word: 這是==黃色==的筆 , then I can’t search the original sentence:這是黃色的筆 . Because the sentence is separated by the == ==.

So I hope that the search function can match what “preview mode” shows, not “edit mode” shows. Because edit mode is just for editing, what we will see is the preview mode.

Could you please help me with this? Thank you very much.

My only advice is to split the words 這是 黃色 的筆 while searching. I understand that this does not feel natural in chinese. You can open a feature request for this case.

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Thanks for your help. I post another in a feature request.