Can't remove a vault

Steps to reproduce

I have a vault with Notes and I want to remove it (but not the underlying folder which is shared with a different app). I have closed the any open notes, switched to the Help vault, restarted Obsidian, but no matter what I do I always get the error “Can’t remove a currently open vault”


  • Operating system: MacOS
  • Obsidian version: 0.6.7
  • Using custom CSS: No

Additional information

I thought this was a bug just the other day. It turns out I had that vault open. When you open a new vault, it doesn’t close the one you had open currently. It’s it in a new window. Make sure you have the vault closed then try deleting the vault.


Thanks Luke. Yep I had the same. It’s not immediately obvious because there’s no ‘Window’ menu so had to do CMD-` to switch.