Can't query Database Folder Plugin for properties

I am trying to use a database query to find all notes with the “Dream” name in the “Note Type” Property. This works perfectly fine in regular Dataview with the following query:

WHERE contains(note-type,"Dream")

However, when I use the Dataview query as a source for my database from the Database Folder Plugin, using the FROM line and WHERE line, the plugin says there is the following error:

YAMLParseError: Implict keys need to be no a single line at line 23, column 1: source_form_result: FROM “” WHERE contains(note-type,“Dream)”

Does anybody know how to get this plugin working for properties. It’s otherwise a great plugin. Any help would be appreciated :smiley: .

Hi, @Cosmic! :smile:

I think you can filter it with WHERE note-type = "Dream" as a conclusion.

The following has been tested in my environment, skip it if you don’t need it.


- testview
- DemoFolder/
  - testfile (note-type: test)
  - testfile2 (note-type: Dream)


In, I created two views to compare

FROM "DemoFolder".
	note-type FROM "DemoFolder"
FROM "DemoFolder"
WHERE note-type = "Dream"

It will look like this

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