Can't pull origin in obsidian git

I’m not used to github I just started. I’m getting this error:

This is how my .gitignore file looks:

What should I do to be able to pull origin with no errors?

This is going to be a long thread.
But first of all. If I mention a recipe for duck on Obsidian, Obsidian may not be the only place to discuss ducks or recipes.

The error message is straightforward. You have a newer file locally than what you have on the remote.

Third, you have an elaborate .gitignore file there. Where is it from? Anyway, GH Desktop has a funny way of handling .gitignore files, so I don’t use them.

Learn a bit about git but as I said it is not the place. Git is not Obsidian-specific. Git is also not for everyone. That’s why people pay for a service instead.

Yep, I feel silly for posting this now. Anyway, sorry for flooding this forum - I just deleted everything and made a new repository with a simpler .gitignore file and it works (previous .gitignore file I just stupidly copy pasted and that may be the cause).

No worries. My intention was not to make you feel that way. I just remembered that I offered git to you the other day and it may not be an easy thing to get accustomed to.
On all things git, there are many threads on StackOverFlow and occasionally people on Reddit exchange information there as well. On this forum, talk on git is very rare.

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