Can't paste images from photos

Things I have tried

I tried copying a photo from my Photos album to a note in my vault on my iPad and it gets pasted as text instead of an image.
Does this work for others?
I’m using Obsidian 1.4.1 on iPad. This is what happens when I use the Paste menu command. Is there an insert image command?

What I’m trying to do

I haven’t seen that before, but pasting images into Obsidian from the iOS clipboard doesn’t work for me.

Only reliable way I’ve found to get images into Obsidian on iOS/iPadOS is from the Photos app share arrow. Someone chime in if they have found a better way.



Click the icon circled below to reveal an “insert image from photo library” option:

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Wealthychef’s solution can also be accessed thru the command palette (“Insert attachment”).


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