Can't paste a single column from Google Sheets or Excel anymore without a table

There is a problem with Editor > Advanced > Auto convert HTML and the new pasting as markdown tables (“When Auto convert HTML is enabled, HTML Tables will now be converted to markdown tables on paste”.)

The problem

The issue occurs when we use ctrl-shift-v to circumvent pasting as a table, or when the setting is set to OFF. Basically, all my single column pastes from Google Sheets or Excel are now pasted as a table or as a mess, whereas before they were pasted perfectly as a non-table.

This google sheet column:

used to paste just fine when I did nothing other than paste (no ctrl+shift+v required).

What I’m trying to do

I’m trying to get my google columns to paste like they always did, but I can’t anymore because of the new feature.

If I simply do paste, I get a table (and my headers don’t work in my Outline)

edit and reading mode

Or if I paste using ctrl+shift+v I get a mess that requires an awful lot of search/replace to get fixed (including regex searches, which Obsidian can’t do):

edit and reading mode,

This is also what gets displayed when Editor > Advanced > Auto convert HTML is set to OFF, in both ways (regular paste or Ctrl+Shift+V)

What I would like

I rely an awful lot on google and excel columns for pasting data into Obsidian.
Perhaps you can revert to how it was or give us an option to disable pasting as a table (maybe when there is just a single column)? Or given that when the option is set to OFF both ways of pasting produce the same thing, maybe one of them could revert to the way it was? Personally I think this is a bug and not a feature request (because OFF produces same result regardless of how one pastes).

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