Can't open obsidian

What I’m trying to do

My laptop (Windows 11) seems like it cannot run the program. I start the program, transparent window appears, it stays for few seconds and obsidian stops running. I’m dealing with this problem for 3 days including today.

Things I have tried

  1. Uninstall and re-download
  2. Do 1 and restart the device
  3. just restart the device
  4. Change windows defender options (add obsidian into allowed-apps list and permitted something in both private / public network)
  5. moved out .obsidian folder out of my vault

Looks like you are more of a seasoned campaigner.
Can I ask,

  • where is your vault located;
  • what sync is used;
  • did you try clearing out the internal config files at Appdata (see here).

My obsidian vault is located at MS onedrive, I’m not using any sync, and I tried clearing out your solution, deleted obsidian, and reinstalled it but same problem is being repeated.

Maybe you’ve done this already, but if you are storing your vault(s) in OneDrive, you need to choose the Make available offline option for OneDrive. Obsidian needs all files and folders to be local, all the time, to work properly.

I chose the option, but I have a question, if I move .obsidian folder out of my vault, does obsidian still recongnize my folder as a vault? I mean - My obsidian shut down before I choose vault folder or smth… So I’m not sure if this is a problem caused by the vault selection.

Yes, from what I read, it is all relative so you can place the folder anywhere.

Of course, you would lose your OneDrive backup functionality.

Yes. You can move or rename the .obsidian folder and the vault will still be in the Obsidian vault switcher (unless you’ve changed or removed %appdata% settings). When you open the vault again, your settings/plugins/themes/etc., will be reset, but your notes will be the same. This moving or renaming .obsidian is often used for troubleshooting vault issues.

Big thx to all of your help, I moved my vault folder out of the onedrive folder and I finally can see my obsidian working. BIG HUG

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