Can't open md files in my mac

I lost access to my windows laptop and i saved some really important documents and my motherboard is completeky destroyed , I somehow managed to get access to my files with external hard disk casing and now whenever i am trying to open that folder with obsidian in my mac ,it says no permission to access the folder , what should i do , i need to immediately recover those files can somebody bail me out and take a grenade by throwing in some instructions

I haven’t used Obsidian since June and I just went to open my Learning Log files in my vault and it says I don’t have permission either! I don’t understand. Mind have only ever been on my Mac and I haven’t changed anything so I am at a loss as to why I can’t access those files. Is there a way to recover them? There’s SO much data in there that I need.
I’ve updated my application to the latest version from July to see if that helped and it didn’t make any difference.

Can you open the files in something other than Obsidian (like TextEdit)?

If the vault is stored on another disk when you’re trying to open it in Obsidian, try copying it to your Mac first.

Also, if you have a copy of the vault on your Mac, open the vault in Finder, right-click a note, and choose Get Info. At the bottom of the window that appears is a section about permissions. Take a screenshot so you have a record of what they are. To change them you need to click the lock in the bottom right of the window (it’ll ask for your password). You may be able to change permissions for the whole vault by doing this on the vault folder (it may ask if you want to apply the same permissions to everything in it). Don’t do this if the folder isn’t on the Mac (I think it probably won’t allow you to change things if you shouldn’t, but I’m not sure.)

If none of this helps, try searching the web for the error messages you see (try it without “Obsidian” for general advice on Mac file permission problems).


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