Can't open main vault

What I’m trying to do

Trying to open Obsidian. My vault hanging while “loading plugins.” Not happening with smaller vault.

Things I have tried

I’ve updated Mac OS to 14.4 and Obsidian to 1.5.8 but problem persists.

Any suggestions about how to fix or troubleshoot?

  1. Go to the vault folder in Finde.
  2. Reveal hidden files by typing . (Shift-Command-Period).
  3. Go into the folder named “.obsidian”.
  4. Move the folder named “plugins” to somewhere out of the vault folder.

That folder contains the installed plugins and their settings. When you open the vault again, all of the plugins will be gone and you should hopefully be able to proceed. Then you can move the plugins back one by one (each has a folder in the “plugins” folder; you may need to make a new “plugins” folder in “.obsidian” if Obsidian hasn’t done it), restarting Obsidian each time, until you find the one that causes the problem.

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