Can't open dev console on main window

Steps to reproduce

Sometimes, When I hit Ctrl+Shift+Enter in main window nothing happens, If I open a new obsidian window and hit the same keys, it opens the console no problem (which is empty, I suppose each window has a separate log). I think it is a new thing with tabs being added. Sometimes when I close tabs and get to only one note open it opens again (even if I open multiple tabs again).

Sorry for not writing it in steps and logical format. But it is so fuzzy it is hard for me to find how to reproduce it exactly, I just know that now there is a problem with opening console after the recent update.

Expected result

Actual result

It just gets dragged like I am used the handle beside it to move it in the list


  • Operating system: Windows 10 , Obsidian 1.0.0

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it’s ctrl-shift-i to open the dev console not ctrl-shift-enter.

Sorry it was a typo or something, I meant Ctrl-Shift-I. As I said it was working on other conditions.

Maybe a screenshot would help. I’m not sure what the part about “It just gets dragged like I am used the handle” means.

Maybe it is some plugin or pane stealing keyboard focus?

Can you share your “Show debug info”?

Can you reproduce the issue with sandboxed vault? it could be from a community plugin.

Press ctrl+pshow debug infoentersandbox vault

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