Can't minimize Obsidian on Windows11

I am working with Obsidian both on Windows11 and my Macbook. On Windows I can’t minimize or maximize or close the program window with the icons in the top right of the window.

I have searched via Google and found the thread in the bug graveyard here - but this does not really solve my problem. The Hotkey Cmd+M does not work either.

What ist working is maximizing and then resizing to the first state by clicking on the title bar of the program window.

Since I found (here in the bug graveyard) that the bug was already reported about a year ago - is there any chance that this behaviour will change in the future or is it something I would have to live with on Windows … ?

I’m still on Windows 10 (and MacOS), so I can’t test.

  • Have you tried testing this in the Sandbox vault? Or testing with default theme and no CSS snippets, and no plugins? (Although I don’t know if that would affect the hotkey.)
  • What is your Obsidian installer? If it’s older, consider downloading and reinstalling.
  • In Windows 10, I can use Win+M to minimize everything. I guess you meant Ctrl-M for Windows?
    • I can’t seem to find any app that responds to Ctrl-M to minimize.
    • If you did mean Cmd-M (Win-M on a Mac keyboard maybe?) do all the other apps minimize and Obsidian stays open?

Thank you very much for all the suggestions of what to try, @rigmarole - I will do so and come back to this tomorrow.

sorry, it took me a couple of days more to get back to this. I just realized that my problems seem to arise from the template I use. Other templates work as expected.
So I consider this problem resolved. Thank you!