Can't install on a drive other than C:?

I have a 256GB SSD as my boot drive. It’s extremely fast but small. I want to keep it solely a boot drive and install nearly all apps on a larger D:\ drive instead. Obisidian’s installer doesn’t appear to give me that choice.

Things I have tried

I tried running as administrator to see if that might give me more options, but no luck there. Searched for any config files that it might set up after the fact of installation, but nothing found.

If I have to run this on C:\ and take up that space, this might be a deal-breaker. EVERY application needs the option to customize the installation path. No excuse not to have that option.

For what it’s worth, you choose the location of your Obsidian vault(s). They can be (mostly) anywhere in your local file system.

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