Can't Input tags from body and metadata together into one dataview?

Things I have tried

I tried to make a dataview, to show specific notes with specific tag. But, some of my files have tags on metadata, and the others is in the body of the file (like #todo) . I found that dataview cannot get the files with tags in the body, Am i doing anything wrong?

What I’m trying to do

If im writing like this, the only files will appear is the file with todo written in metadata, while the other files which the todo tag is written in the body is not showing up. I want to see both files (written in metadata & written in body) in one dataview, Sorry if this question kinda weird, but thank you!

Can you try FROM #todo and get rid of the WHERE line?

thank you! It works! Im beginner in this so i dont have idea this will work haha

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