Can't get sliding panes to stack or slide (mostly)

Things I have tried

Using version 3.2.3 of Sliding Panes with version 0.13.19 of Obsidian .
All the Sliding Panes options are on.

What I’m trying to do

Just trying to get Sliding Panes to work, the idea seems wonderful. But the Panes open in first position, no titles are stacked in the spine space. In addition, when I have gotten spines to stack, clicking on a spine has no effect and I can’t (or don’t know how to) get them to slide. I presume it’s a matter of some setting but haven’t figured out which. Full disclosure, on some occasions I have seen stacked spines and I don’t know why, and a few times they may have slid. This behavior (or lack of it) is true on my Mac, my iPad, and iPhone. I’m fairly new to Obsidian so I hope someone can help me out.

Have you tried changing the Leaf Auto Width and Leaf Width settings? And of course, enabled it?

Thanks for the reply. I’ve tried with leaf auto width on and off (don’t see an option for width of auto leaf) and leaf width settings. Sometimes it seems to work in that more than one pane appears, sometimes they slide but mostly not, sometimes the pane headers stack on the left (never on the right) but mostly not. Basically, it doesn’t work but occasionally does, sort of, which is a puzzling and pleasant surprise. It panes (at the risk of a pun) me because it seems like such useful functionality. And it is enabled.

My current status is (at least on my iPad) that panes slide nicely with fixed width but not with auto width. And there is no pane stacking.

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