Can't get PDF Markdown Hyperlinks to be Set to Color Red

Things I have tried

I’ve tried creating a CSS snippet:

@media print {

  a:link, a:visited, a {
    color: red;

This works only when I use <a href="https://example">link</a>. However, it does not change my hyperlinks using Obsidians markdown language: [link](

What I’m trying to do

How can I change the color of [link]( markdown hyperlinks within a CSS snippet?

Also to be noted, I am using the following Obsidian theme (not sure if this matters or not): GitHub - bennyxguo/Obsidian-Obsidianite: 🎨 custom theme, it's dark and simple but yet still stays sparkles!

Try “” - does that work?

Hi thank you for trying to help. Unfortunately this doesn’t work. I suppose I don’t really care about the visited segment but rather the general color:

@media print {
  a:link {
    color: red;

Just wish for the hyperlinks to be red:

Screen Shot 2022-11-11 at 17.28.43

I have so many hyperlinks throughout the document that it would be painful to change all []() hyperlinks to that of <a href=""></a>. Just wondering if there is a way to make a CSS snippet for the []() markdown links as opposed to the <a href=""></a> syntax?

in any case it has to be and not a:link.

I don’t have the time right now to try it out, unfortunately.

HI, thank again, but even with it doesn’t work. This appears to be associated with a href, and not that of markdown links. Do you know what CSS is required here for markdown links as opposed to a?

This works in local tests:

.print .external-link {
color: red;
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I don’t know what Obsidian’s particular markup needs, but in general a:link is a proper thing. I forget what it’s called, but it’s not a class, which is what indicates.

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