Can't get OpenAI API Working With Plugins

I’m not any sorta tech noob. But I’ve never used an API in this way. I’ve created one with Open AI and keep pasting it into various plugins but they’re not outputting anything. Is there a certain way I should be formatting or activating the API? Is the “sk-” at the start needed or not? I feel like a luddite here!

Edit: Open AI API website says both APIs I’ve created have been used today. And I made one a few weeks ago. And one today. They had correct dates before I used them. So, something is happening… they’re being called on? This is happening with multiple plugins

Edit 2: I’ve found 2 other people on the reddit with the same problem but no answers as to why

This is one of the errors I get Error processing stream completion (XHR readyState 4, status 429).

I figured it out! You’ve got to pay for the API otherwise you get an error. Paying for the API is seperate from paying for an openAI account. You’ve got to navigate the menus on the API creation website to get to them. I recommend doing pay as you go. But don’t forget to set the limit at a reasonable price for yourself. You pay 0.006 for every 1k tokens you send. There is a website called Tokenizer that can tell you more about tokens.

You do use the SK- at the start of the API

I am having the same issue.

can you post a link to the openAI API creation website where I can setup the payments please?

still a bit lost :slight_smile:

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