Can't get GIT Plugin to work on linux

Good evening to all,

I cannot get the git plugin (v1.13.1) to work with obsidian (v0.12.15) on Ubuntu 21.04.

Git v2.30.2 is available on the PATH and installed in /usr/bin/ .

All I get when I start obsidian is the message: “git: cannot run git command!” immediately followed by “git: failed on initialization!"

I have a properly initialized vault which is also a git repository on my hard drive. I can commit and push changes from the command line without any problem but it refuses to work from obsidian (OK, you’re right, it isn’t a big problem if I can sync manually, it’s annoying, though).

Moreover, I managed to get the plugin to work like a breeze on that exact same repository on another computer using windows.

Since I don’t know what else to do, I wonder if there is some kind of log somewhere I could look at to get more detailed debug information hoping it could to put me on the right track?

Thank you for any help you might provide.

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