Can't find/open Developer Tools or Console on Windows 10/11

Encountered an error using Templater and it asked me to ‘check the console’.
How do i find that on Windows?

All other help say press CTRL-SHIFT-i but that doesn’t do anything for me (on Windows 10 or Windows 11). What am i missing?


Check that you have not remapped the Ctrl-Shif-i shortcut – it works for me and I am on Windows 11 Home.

If you’ve assigned Ctrl+Shift+I to a hotkey, open Obsidian’s settings first then use the keyboard shortcut to open the developer tools. This avoids triggering your hotkey.

Aha, another app (AutoHotKey) was remapping CTRL-SHIFT-i to CTRL-SHIFT-UpArrow.
Turning that off fixed things.

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I think you must have messed something up with the keys because on WIN 11 everything in this area works. Your best bet is to open Obsidian settings, use the keyboard shortcut to get to the development tools open development tools this will enable you to avoid running a hotkey.

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