Can't figure out how to quickly navigate to the end of a file. IOS

Tapped on ‘Go to first line’ and ‘Go to last line’

I want to navigate to the bottom of a file.

I know I can go to ‘settings’, and then tap ‘mobile’ to manage ‘toolbar options’. And then I see 2 selections: ‘Go to first line’ and ‘Go to last line’. When I click on them they move back and forth between ‘Manage toolbar option’’ and ‘More toolbar optioins’.

The problem is that I can’t figure out how to use/implement the functions once I’ve opened a file.

I’m new to Obsidian and just getting my feet wet. I’d appreciate it if someone could walk me through the process step-by-step.

Under Mobile > Manage Toolbar options you can sort the order of your Toolbar.
That Toolbar, with all these options, shows up on top of your keyboard when you are writing.

Edit: The Keyboard doesn’t even have to be open, as long as you are in editing mode you will see the Toolbar at the bottom.

It’s a pain to move a lot of them, but if you long press on the three lines and move your finger up or down, you can reorder them. They then show in the order you picked over the keyboard (swipe left to show more).

Olondre and ariehen - thanks for your help. Situation resolved!!!

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The keyboard does have to be open — if yours behaves differently I’d like to know how. The Advanced Mobile Toolbar plugin used to have a setting to show it always, but they removed it after Obsidian mobile v1.4. Obsidian now shows a different, non-customizable toolbar when the keyboard is closed, but it looks different from the other one so I’m guessing that’s not what you mean.

Yeah, that confused me a little, but the main thing was that I didn’t associate the little icons with what they were supposed to do. I’m good.

On Android, the Toolbar is still there after minimizing the keyboard. I just assumed it would be the same on iOS, maybe not. The funny thing is, that if you minimize the keyboard you see that personalized Toolbar, but not the standard bar with the Tab overview.

Oh, weird! That might be a bug.

I don’t think so, if I minimize the keyboard I’m not telling the App that I want to not be in writing mode anymore. The cursor still blinks at the spot I clicked. If I then switch to reading mode or for example open a side pane it switches back to the normal view.

What makes me think it’s a bug is that you can’t see the standard bar with the Tab overview.

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